Arctic Pump Solution was established in 2016 as a spin-off from Eureka Marine AS.
Arctic Pump Solution is operating world – wide with office located in Drammen, Norway.

Arctic Pump Solution AS develops a range of seawater pumps, tailormade for arctic climate and the Barents Sea, able to handle extreme conditions. In harsh environment damages due to ice and low temperature is crucial. We are developing reliable pumps made for these conditions. Arctic Pump Solution conducts research and development in marine technology in a global market, with emphasis on the maritime sector, oil and offshore as well as the mining and fishing industry. Arctic Pump Solution develops and provides technology for pumps, pump systems and operational concepts for shipping, offshore – and petroleum industries and the maritime equipment industries.

Operating in Arctic waters Increasing access in the Arctic Ocean will require ships operating in the region and operations in general to be built to higher construction standards. Operations in general will have higher construction, operational, and maintenance costs. More ships and operations onshore and offshore will need safe and reliable equipment. In an increasingly competitive market, you are continuously challenged to run your operations more profitably. Since any equipment failure can have a dramatic effect, you need to be able to count on both the reliability and availability of your assets, especially your pumps. A process interruption can make the difference between profit and loss.