Frequency Converter

  • Soft start / stop
  • Reduces electrical in-rush. Can reduce peak fee
  • Minimizes stress on engine windings
  • Minimizes mechanical stress on bearings, axles & impellers
  • Eliminates pressure drop
  • Improves Cos-Phi versus DOL
  • Optimized operating point for oversized pumps (for future increased capacity)
  • Reduced vibration. Both at reduced speed and by avoiding critical frequencies
  • Reduced acoustic noise
  • Reduces the possibility of cavitation
  • Energy savings


Self-priming ejection unit type SUEN is used for automatic preliminary air evacuation from pump suction piping during centrifugal pump starting. For this purpose, the unit contains an air ejector. SUEN can be used for aggressive mediums and sea water since its flowing parts and nozzle is made out of polyamide.

ARCTIC vacuum pump VK20

Vacuum pump VK20 is auxiliary blade pump intended for priming of suction pipeline and main centrifugal pump with working medium. Pump is driven by main pump via friction disc and it is intended for automatic independent operation. When main pump becomes flooded with working medium, VK 20 automatically mechanically disconnects from its drive. In case that main pump’s delivery head drops, VK 20 again reconnects mechanically to the drive.

Repair kit

Arctic Pump has developed over 36 repair kits carefully based on our product expertise and long experience with Eureka pumps, Hamworty pumps and Wartsila pumps. To do simple maintenance planning and most common service and repair operations for your pump.

All packs, O-rings, gaskets, ball bearings and mechanical seal are included in our kit.

Illustration image: Repair Kit for Hamworthy Ballast Pump Type CBB