Double-stage vertical centrifugal pumps

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Model 2 Double suction pump is a series of 8 pumps covering water capacity from 50 to 350 m3/h and the pump total head from 50 to 125 mlc. Designed for a long and reliable service life and constructed as double stage vertical centrifugal pump with low NPSH requirement for Sea Water and Fresh Water medium. The logical assembly and minimum assembly parts make both inspection and maintenance easy to carry out, due to the pump are axially split and the complete rotating element can be dismantled independently of electric motor and piping connections.

This series of pumps can be equipped with self-priming systems. The pumps can be delivered with air ejector SUEN 26 and the mechanically driven vacuum pump VK20.

Performance data

Capacity: 25 – 350 m3/h
Delivery head: 50 – 125 m

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  1. Axially split pump casing
  2. Robust and strong construction
  3. Easy assembly and disassembly on site
  4. Mechanical seal on shaft
  5. Easily accessible pump rotor assembly, without removal of pump from pipeline or removal of electric motor
  6. Proven and reliable pump design
  7. Good efficiency

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Mechanical Seal


Ball / Brush

Pump Casting:

Ni.Al. Bronze


Ni.Al. Bronze


Stainless Steel